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“Eye Spy The Party” Photographed by Unknown 2017

Romance is a hypothesis
I’m not trying to give birth to misery
I’m not trying to stop the reasoning
People fabricate love in tubes
Potions of
Pick up lines
Mind tricks
Catch and releases
Cases of this experiment have been diluted into the phrase “pursuit of happiness”
Our decisions are made up of the maybes and what ifs of life’s possibilities
The reality
I don’t have enough stepford white blood cells to live in your Pleasantville
Only lava running under sun-kissed shea butter cocoa bean brown skin
I’m numb to the test of life
Clearly cloaking the solutions by pouring relaxation down my vocal cords
Glaring at Saint Valentine with Bacardi-filled mentality
Too tipsy to focus on love at first sight
Too twisted to be put in line
Intoxicating smiles fixed upon my face
You are easier to look at now
You are nicer than last night’s argument
You are sweeter to kiss
You are tolerable in your intolerance
Hiding fear of letting anyone in
Can’t hear I love you
The words sound like we need to break up
Happiness occurs in between the breaks of rational thinking
Waiting to be released from the effects of dopamine
It needs to be taken in small doses
Savor the quality because quantity will have you fall in love
Humans aren’t pillows
Memories aren’t tangible
They want you to dive in with your soul
To resurface the sound waves

To formulate the words

I love you

Emerald Garnett Editing |

Written by

Poet & Essayist with a BA in Theater focused on Text Analysis. I thrived in the subtext of communication; I fell in love with the complexity of human existence.

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